Knowing why you need an employment law lawyer should be considered before searching for one. One of the reasons that can make it ideal to get an employment law lawyer is when you have a manager violating labour standards.

An employment law lawyer is the best advocate to have in your corner when you feel mistreated by your employer. In the same manner, an employment law lawyer is also a good way to educate workforce boundaries to employers.

An employment law lawyer for employee representation


An employee hiring the services of an employment law lawyer is provided a solo legal advocate. The employee is ensured to get the right compensation as well as work in a safe environment. Any mistreatment on the part of the employer resulting in a court case is also represented by an employment law lawyer.

When it comes to the compensation amount, getting what an employee deserves is ensured with an employment lawyer in his corner. Claiming a substantial amount from an employer can make an employment lawyer opt for the following:

  • Open negotiation for a higher sum with the insurance company
  • File a civil court action to seek a high amount

Negotiating a deserving settlement with insurance companies or employers is always the first step for an employment lawyer. Filing a civil suit is the last remedy an employment lawyer does if the negotiations fail.

Malpractice in the workplace

Encountering problems in the workplace need help from an experienced employment lawyer. Workplace malpractice or misconduct includes:

  • Racial discrimination
  • Inappropriate physical contact or touching
  • Intimidation and/or bullying
  • Employer retaliation
  • Sexual harassment

Discrimination on the part of the employee can be based on their religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. Filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission can be helped by an employment lawyer.

A civil court suit becomes an option should justice is denied to an employee by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Any type of hostility in the workplace such as discrimination entitles an employee to file a lawsuit against an employer.

Representing a group of employees

Advice is often sought from employment lawyers by many labour unions. Hiring a lawyer provides a group of employees with a legal way of forming a union and managing its operating structure.

A lawyer representing a union can fight off any anti-union processes of employers. Union-busting is the term applied to employers’ unlawful firing of a union head.

Protection for whistleblowers

Exposing to a regulatory board any misconduct done by a company is what a whistleblower is. Informing the media is another way for whistleblowers to air a company’s misconduct.

Employer retaliation against whistleblowers also means getting fired from the workplace. Several laws protect whistleblowers and having an employment lawyer is the best option to invoke the right ones.

Compensation for whistleblowers in civil court is the ideal way for an employee to deal with employer repercussions. The protection of the law for whistleblowers is the best way to maintain checks and balances for all types of businesses.

An employment law lawyer to represent employers

Employers are not always the bad guys. Businesses that want to stay updated on employment laws and regulations are the best way to keep out of legal trouble. An employment lawyer representing employers offers services such as:

  • Follow updated environmental regulations
  • Adhere to federal and state discrimination laws
  • Comply with labour laws and standards

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